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Rice grown organically is not soaked in pesticides and fungicides from seed to package. Unlike conventional rice growers, who routinely apply chemical fertilizers to the soil, organic rice farmers use a range of natural measures to maintain and enhance soil fertility which involves crop rotation with deep-rooted legume crops or green manure/cover crops.

Organic rice production comes from organic farming system that apply practical management to preserve ecosystem, achieve sustainable production and control weed, pest and disease through various way such as recycling the residues of plants and livestock or vermicasting, selection and crop rotation, management of irrigation, cultivation and planting as well as the use of biological materials.

In fact, organic farming rooted from the idea of creating a balanced environment due to the use of chemical as low as possible. A healthy lifestyle back to nature is now a new trend. That is why organic food particularly rice started to attract the society. Although it is relatively more expensive, but still it commensurate with its benefits. Moreover, organic foods are more nutritious than non-organic. People start to leave their usual lifestyle of high fat diet, high calories, and low fibers because they realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

However, greater resistance to change and innovation is expected because some people regarded any effort toward change should be based on tangible economic returns and other benefits.

This gradual shift to sustainable agricultural scheme like organic farming is expected to solve some of the problems of the small-scale farmers who are using external inputs (chemicals, pesticides, herbicides) based on the positive effects of organic farming systems, as well as on the multiple deleterious environmental effects brought about by unsustainable farming practices. The shift from conventional to organic farming systems has produced food without damaging the earth’s resources such as air, water and soil and is still safe for the people to consume.

Interest in organic rice is increasing nowadays in response to issues regarding conventional agricultural practices, food safety and human health concerns. Hence, consumption of organic rice is believed to be safer and healthier, and expected to have greater nutritional value compared to conventional rice.

In this premise, it is believed that interest in consuming organic rice increases nowadays in response to issues concerning conventional agricultural practices, food safety and human health concerns. Organic rice also tastes better, safer, healthier and more nutritious than non-organic rice because of its method of production. Chemicals that have detrimental effects are not utilized in organic farming to ensure a safer and healthier environment.

Hence, eating organic rice have many health benefits because it does not contain any pesticide residues that can affect one’s health. Although there are some advantages about ingesting genetically modified food; but still prevention is better than cure. So, why risk our lives when there are safer and healthier food available in the market?

This article presents the advantages of consuming organic rice. Moreover, this also serves as an awakening to the society about the ill-effects of commercially grown rice due to pesticide residues and its impact to our environment.

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