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August 14, 2018

Don’t underestimate the power and contribution that organic food can give to you. It’s definitely worth paying the extra. This article shows why you will feel that much healthier for this organic nutrition choice.

Don’t begrudge the extra money: Choosing organic is well worth it when considering your long-term health and its effects.

Here are our ten reasons for going organic:

  1. The organic crop is grown naturally, free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other cocktails of poisonous chemicals. For example, did you know that there some 25 different chemicals on an apple skin, even when washed when it’s not organically grown.
  2. The organic nutrition value is something like 50% higher than intensively farmed food: Higher vitamin, mineral, enzyme and micro-nutrient content being the factors.
  3. We strongly recommend that you say no to GMO and there are three reasons:
  4. a) Considerations to safety. Particularly the long-term effects are yet to be determined and are potentially dangerous. The long-term research and development have not been looked into enough, allowing vulnerability.
  5. b) Natural occurring food has higher nutrition value and c

  6. ) Companies that genetically modify will own the crop (patents). In other words, some greedy corporation could take over and own that which is natural, having no price and belonging to Mother Earth. Think about the serious implications here…

Choosing organic can be your way of saying no to GMO.

  1. Intensively farmed animals are frequently given a wide range of chemical cocktails such as antibiotics, hormones like bovine growth hormone (BGH), anti-parasite drugs… and other medications. These noxious substances remain in the animals when they are killed and turned into food produce for human consumption. The same applies to dairy food.
  2. Organically raised animals are at a far lesser risk of becoming diseased and passing on the contamination to humans after they have been killed for consumption. For example, there were no BSE cases reported in organically raised cows.
  3. Many people such as myself think that organic food tastes nicer.
  4. Organic farming is more favourable to nature. It produces a greater diversity of life and is more flourishing.

8.There is a far less chance of animal diseases such as BSE occurring on organic farmlands, which can be quite costly.

9.There have been far higher cases of illness on intensive farms amongst its workers. This has been related to the agrochemicals used. Therefore, choosing organic farm produce supports a healthier option, not only for the animals but also for its workers.

10.Organic farmland is safer for the public at large to visit People like myself have followed the good nutrition protocol and have felt so much more vitalised, healthier and illness-free. Indeed, I would definitely urge others to try this for themselves if they have not already. Knowing the importance of good nutrition and how to distinguish it allows you to realise that your health is in your hands.

July 4, 2018

Organic black tea refers to the variety of black tea which has been grown without use of any chemical fertilizer, food additives, pesticides or plant growth regulator. This means that this variety of the world’s favorite beverage has all the wonderful nutrients that Mother Nature has to offer and none of the harmful man made chemicals.

Organically grown tea is available in loose black tea packaging as well as in bags for convenient usage. Grown on soil that has been free for at least three years of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, the produce is oxidized extensively to attain a dark, almost blackish color and a full bodied strong flavor. It is extensively cultivated in India, Sri Lanka and China. The black tea benefits are many making it the most popular blend with highest consumption among all beverages across the world.

Some of the benefits are:

  • It is rich in antioxidants and prevents occurrence of several diseases caused by free radicals.
  • Research shows that regular and controlled consumption can promote the health of heart and help in prevention of coronary diseases.
  • Delays aging process and helps in having a healthy and glowing skin. Many anti-aging creams and lotions use extracts from the plants.
  • Contains fluoride which promotes healthy teeth and gums.
  • It is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes as it helps lowering glucose levels and aids in the prevention of diabetes-related complications like cataract and gangrene.

Organic black tea can be consumed in a number of ways. The most popular is the traditional method of brewing the dried leaves with hot water and adding cream or milk and sugar. The other popular method of consumption is an iced beverage in which freshly brewed hot concoction is cooled and served with ice.

There are many popular flavors like lemon, in which lemon juice is added instead of milk, amaretto, a velvety flavor brought by the use of almonds and ginger, which has added benefits of ginger and helps in preventing and curing a common cold. There are several new age exotic flavorings which are fast gaining popularity like chocolate, apple spice, Brazilian guava, and blackcurrant. Apart from flavors, there are many blends of organic herbal tea in which dried or fresh flowers, roots, seeds or leaves are infused along with regular black tea leaves. Some of the common herbal additives are cinnamon, camomile, cannabis, lemongrass, mint, rosemary, and sage.

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July 2, 2018

Oils are the unavoidable part of our North Indian cuisines. Every dish is savored up the desi Indian Tadka and the main constituent is oil. It is the foremost choice of the Indian kitchens. It has culinary as well as other physiological uses. It is used for body massages to relieve pain and cramps. This Oil is also used to manage infants for healthy and strong bones.

Organic Soul Organic Mustard Oil is liked by everyone and is used in every household. Also, worth mentioning that the oil was used to light the lamps during the festive season of Diwali which now, unfortunately, have been replaced by artificial electric lamps.

Being organic, the Organic mustard oil does not lose its natural ingredients and properties. It does not contain any preservatives or additives. Natural Mustard Oil has the distinct aroma which is irreplaceable. The flavor it adds to the food is mouth-watering; every sniff of the recipe craves you towards it.

The health benefits of Organic Mustard oil are:

  1. Oil stimulates digestion and prevents problems like constipation and ulcers. It triggers intestine to produce digestive juices which help in easy digestion. It also increases the formation of gastric juices which accelerates digestion. It eases bowel syndrome and also the swelling of the inner lining of the stomach is reduced by mustard oil.
  2. The phytonutrients in the natural mustard oil fights against colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers. It ceases the production of cancer cells in the body by its anti-oxidating property.
  3. To keep body healthy and safe, it is mandatory to eliminate all harmful toxic elements and chemicals present in the body. It helps to evacuate the excess of toxins keeping up the well being of the body.
  4. The risk of heart attack is reduced by 70% with the consumption of Organic Mustard oil. It also has omega 3 fatty acid which boosts up the immunity and also increases cardiovascular health. It keeps the consumer heart healthy.
  5. Natural Oil reduces the Cholesterol level in the body. The excess of cholesterol is ejected from the body with the release of bile juices. Oil enhances the body release of acids and this creates a balance of cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.
  6. Free radicals present in Oil inhibit aging. It has Vitamin A, C, and K and also lutein and carotene. It keeps your skin look youthful and healthy.
  7. Hot oil massage from Organic Oil relieves from the joint pains during arthritis.
  8. It has antimicrobial properties that help to get rid of problems like cold, cough etc. it also helps in the removal of mucus and congestion. Acute respiratory problems too can be cured.
  9. It increases the metabolism rate of the body due to the activities of folates, thiamin, and riboflavin (B complex Vitamins). This helps in losing weight from the body and attaining good shape.
  10. Sulfur is one of the best agents that treat skin infections. It contains sulfur which keeps the skin clean and healthy. Also, it has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

June 18, 2018

Green tea is so good for you that it’s even got some researchers raving. “It’s the healthiest thing I can think of to drink,” says Christopher Ochner, Ph.D. Losing weight is always a very big problem for all of us who are overweight. We are always ready to do everything to get rid of some fat. Nowadays there are multiple things available on the market, which claim to help you lose weight instantly. But everything which is said to help you in losing weight is not always the right thing for you and your health. They have a lot of side effects, which are very harmful to your health. They help you temporarily, but after some time you regain the weight. So, if you want to get rid of unwanted fat, you just need to trust in only the natural herbs. Nature does not affect anyone adversely

What is green tea?

It is made of steaming fresh tea leaves that is why it is highly rich in a flavor compound called as polyphenol. In short 40% of green tea contains this flavonal compound, so this tea is very nutritious for your body and vital for your health. A report said that it contains anti-cancer properties and raises the level of antioxidants in the blood that may ward off heart disease and now it appears to have the potential of weight loss.

Health benefits of organic tea

  • It helps you in lowering blood sugar level, high blood pressure, and bad cholesterol. It may also reduce the risk of blood clots, strokes, heart disease and heart attack.
  • Its high quantity of polyphenols helps you in all kinds of health benefits from normalizing blood pressure to lowering cancer risk. It also helps you in mental alertness.
  • It has many oral health benefits also. It helps you in reducing cavities and prevents tooth decay. Gargling with green tea may help you in getting rid of flu viruses. Drinking a cup of organic tea in the morning will boost your metabolism and help you in burning some calories.

Organic tea is full of health benefits. It burns fat and increases your metabolism. In order to get the Best Green Tea , you must go through a comparison of various brands of Green Teas available on the market. Read more about some of the best green teas organic soul.

June 16, 2018

Organic honey has long been respected by the medical and fitness community for its versatility and its ability to help restore health within the body.

Eating organic foods without additives is a great way to aid your body in becoming more productive with the energy it takes in, but among these selections honey stands out. Produced naturally by bees, honey is a sweet and soothing product that can be taken in as much for enjoyment as physical necessity. But there are a variety of other uses for honey that you would be wise not to overlook.

Skin care. More consumers are finding out that honey doesn’t just make a great snack, but also helps to cleanse pores and hold in moisture to keep your skin from drying out. Beauty products are starting to incorporate more organic honey in their ingredients and salons all over the world are encouraging men and women to take advantage of this unique property.

Tissue repair and fighting free radicals. Free radicals in your body can be very harmful if left unchecked. The effects can range anywhere from sickness to chronic illness if you don’t know how to handle them. What honey does is fight against these free radicals while also helping your body to grow new tissue that is ever so important in the healing process.

Dressing wounds. Many physicians use honey to dress wounds because of its anti-microbial properties that help stave off bacteria. In fact, honey has long been used within the medical community. While different advice and remedies come and go, this is one that has extended from early medicine to the 21st Century.

Fighting cold and flu symptoms. Cold and flu season is tough on everyone because even at its weakest, it can cause you great discomfort. It makes getting through your day an uphill struggle, especially if you’re not sick enough to miss work altogether. With organic honey, you can get moving and restore the energy that it takes to face your day.

Fights cravings. Unlike sugar, honey is filling and it will not make you crave more of it once you’ve consumed it. Sugar speeds the body up to an unhealthy degree and quickly burns away forcing the consumer to take in more to fend off the craving. Honey can replace sugar in virtually every area without reducing the taste.

Delicious. Honey is the ultimate healthy replacement for sugar in your life. With honey, it becomes possible to stay healthier without risking flavor or enjoyment. And therein lies the greatest benefit of all for incorporating honey into your daily diet. It will always leave your taste buds wanting more, but your body will not need it in order to feel nourished and satisfied.

June 3, 2018

Organic Green Tea Online or offline and pure natural honey brands in India are many. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a genuine vendor. Or else, even the best drink made using honey and green tea would be no good for you.

Honey + lukewarm water + lemon can work wonders by boosting your metabolism, thus facilitating healthy weight loss. No wonder why this concoction is considered to be the best antidote to all weight loss blues. Probably, your early morning empty tummy is pretty much accustomed to this miracle drink. Isn’t it? But, this is not the only good thing about honey, the list actually is endless. So, before getting familiar with some more benefits of honey, let’s explore some of the lesser-known facts about it.

What is honey?

It is a sugary product that’s mainly the combination of sugar, minerals, amino acids, trace enzymes, and vitamins. It is also referred to as liquid gold. There are numerous brands in the market that claim to be the best in regard to pure organic natural honey brands in India, but real honey is not made in factories, but naturally by bees. It takes around 60, 000 bees to collect enough nectar to get one pound of this sugary product. So, next time you buy honey, make sure choose a brand that sells real products. That’s because most of this thing available in the market is highly processed and loaded with additives.

What are the benefits of liquid gold?

It is bestowed with antifungal and antibacterial properties. It’s also a good antioxidant. Organic honey is useful in treating a number of skin conditions like itchy scalp, dandruff, skin infections, and allergies. It is also known for its healing properties. Besides these, honey is also compared to dextromethorphan for its properties of fighting cold and cough, effectively.

Honey, when blended with green tea, is one of the best drinks ever, not because of its flavor, aroma, and color, but also for its miraculous effects on your mind and body.  Just like honey, green tea has also got its share of wonderful benefits. Apart from being full of antioxidant, green tea is also well known for the other properties it has. It can help you with losing weight, preventing cancer, fighting diabetes, improving brain functions and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and many more. So, order Organic Green Tea Online, add some honey and start your day healthily.

What happens when honey and green tea combine?

A cup of green tea with a little honey is equal to added benefits. High-quality honey from one of best pure natural honey brands in India is often compared to god’s nectar. So, if you like your sip to be sweet, but without sugar, honey is the best resort.

Not just an ideal sweetener, this drink also regulates your metabolism, keeps your bowel movements regular, and relieves acidity. Raw honey + Organic Green Tea Online or offline also helps in fighting allergies and sore throat. If you are a lover of flavors, you can also add few drops of lemon or few juliennes of ginger to green tea and enjoy your drink your way.

A word of caution – the market is flooded with a plethora of products. Therefore, as a buyer, you might find it difficult to differentiate between the fake and the original. In this regard, it’s highly recommended to choose a reliable shop. That’s because – reputed and customer-friendly vendors seldom try to dupe their customers.

May 8, 2018

Camomile Tea in History

Its medicinal use dates back to the times of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, who would prepare it in the form of an infusion, hence the name “tea”, although it does not contain the camellia sinensis tea leaves. For this reason Camomile as a beverage is also referred to as a tisane, in the same ranks as rooibos and yerba mate.

We have put together a number of ways in which this plant was used by the ancients to treat various diseases and illnesses such as ulcers, irritation, wounds, burns, eczema, gout, bruising, mouth ulcers, canker sores, rheumatism, neuralgia, hemorrhoids and more.

As one can imagine, at the time, one could not get the conveniently packaged Camomile tea bags at the supermarket. The infusion then was made with fresh Camomile flowers. The benefits listed in the current article apply to fresh, loose Camomile flowers not so to the classic tea packed in the tea bags available at your local supermarket, since they are nowhere as fresh, have gone through intense processing and may contain chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemicals.

Some studies have shown that drinking Camomile infusion with meals contributes to the prevention of the progress of diabetic complications and hyperglycaemia.

Camomile and Infections

Given its antibacterial properties, it can help in the prevention and treatment of colds and protection against diseases and infection caused by bacteria. Camomile flowers and leaves have been shown to increase hippurate levels in urine. Hippurate is a result of the decomposition of phenolic antioxidant compounds, which are in some cases related to antibacterial activity. This could be why it has long been associated with improving the immune system and the ability to help fight infections.

Camomile and Oral Health

Given its antibacterial properties, Camomile can also be used as a mouthwash or gargle to relieve mouth and gum infections.

Camomile and Women

A study showed increased levels of glycine in urine after drinking Camomile tea. Glycine is a compound that calms muscle spasms. Scientists believe this is why Camomile tea may provide an effective relief for menstrual cramps as well.

Camomile and Men’s Health

Camomile contains an anticoagulant compound called coumarin, known for its proven blood-thinning properties. For this reason, Camomile can be considered to help male libido and in certain cases, act as an aphrodisiac.

Camomile and Inflammation

A compound called Bisabolol found in Camomile has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Studies showed a reduced inflammation, fever and induced arthritis in test subjects. Apigenin also demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties

Camomile and Digestion

Camomile is an exceptional drink to help soothe a stomach ache. While it helps soothe the intestines, Camomile can promote better digestion, even those who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The extracts of Camomile flowers reduce the secretion of gastric acid, which can help fix an aching stomach.

In addition, Camomile has been assessed as a digestive relaxant and has been used to treat various gastrointestinal disorders including flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, anorexia, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting.

In recent studies, Camomile flowers were found to inhibit stomach ulcers caused by stresses like alcohol. Furthermore, the time for healing ulcers induced by heat or chemical stress were also reduced.

Camomile and Wounds

Cuts and wounds – Camomile tea was used by the ancients to treat wounds, eczema, ulcers, bruises, skin irritations, cuts and burns to speed healing.

Camomile and Insomnia

Promotes sleep – drinking Camomile tea calms the nervous system, so that you can sleep better. It has been used as a solution for insomnia for centuries, as Camomile contains glycine, which is a natural tranquilizer. Back to top

Camomile and Hemorrhoids

Applied locally, a Camomile ointment can help relieve hemorrhoids.

Camomile Tea and Cancer

With its powerful antioxidant properties, Camomile tea is very likely to help reduce cancerous cells, although researchers are still studying how exactly Camomile reverses abnormal cell growth. Among the flavonoids found in Camomile, apigenin is the most promising in terms of pharmaceutical benefits.

Camomile Tea and the Gastrointestinal Tract

Camomile has also been shown to be help in preventing inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, a common side effect of cancer treatment.

Camomile Tea and Skin

With its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Camomile helps to take care of skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and allergies. Camomile is especially good for sensitive skin and helps heal scratches and treat wounds, where it has been shown to promote faster healing than corticosteroids. It may also be useful in the treatment of eczema where it was found to be as effective as hydrocortisone.

Camomile Tea and Candida Albicans

Several flavonoids in Camomile have anti-fungal properties, including against Candida albicans.

Camomile Tea and Drugs

The Camomile plant has no known adverse effect (except in case of allergies). It does not interfere with drugs and may be used safely with children.

If you have already tried a Camomile tea made with fresh loose flowers, you already know it tastes delicious, with its floral notes reminiscent of honey and apples.

Who said medicine had horrible taste to be effective?

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April 19, 2018

When you hear someone say ‘green living‘ or ‘go green’, are your eyes alight with curiosity? Or do you think that since you ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, you’re living green? If you’re like most people today, you do the standard ‘green’ things, almost entirely unaware that there’s a greener, cleaner world of options available to you.

The truth is, opportunities to live better, cleaner and healthier abound. Cleaning green, eating organic, being kind to the environment, urban gardening and incorporating organic ingredients into your everyday life are all aspects that you can adopt in whole or in part. Even if you only chose to adopt one aspect of living greener, such as cleaning green, you’re a leap ahead of where you were before. Let’s discuss some aspects of organic living.

The biggest myth about eating organic is that, if you’re eating organic, your diet consists of sprouts, roots and berries, in that order. The fact of the matter is there are different levels of eating organic, so your diet can contain a wide variety of foods, all of which will be healthy and good for you, without sacrificing taste. For example, if you eat organic fruits and vegetables, you’re not ingesting pesticides and herbicides which commercial farms use on regular produce found in your grocery store, so you’re already eating healthier having changed one thing. Most people who eat organic enjoy free-pressed juice, almond and other nut butters, home-made wheat bread and chocolate, too!

Cleaning green is another practical aspect of organic living. So, what does ‘cleaning green’ mean? In a nutshell, you’re using natural ingredients to clean, thus eliminating harsh ingredients that require you to ‘open a window for ventilation’. Did you know that salt, sugar, vinegar and lemon juice, among other common household finds, double as cleaning products? There are many recipes online for homemade, organic cleaning solutions as well as commercially available products for everything from cleaning the windows to cleaning clothes.

What does it mean to be kind to the environment? When you are being kind to people or pets, how do you behave? Offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening, an uplifting hug and advice are all acts of kindness to those you love or care about. You reach for things that are out of reach for someone else or you stoop when someone cannot bend. You cuddle and feed your pets because you love them; these, too, are acts of kindness. Since you cannot hug the earth or give it advice, how do you show the environment kindness? Eating organic, pesticide-free foods and foods, planting trees, driving environmentally friendly cars or riding bikes or walking and simply recycling, which keeps plastics, paper and cans out of landfills, are just a few things you can do to be kind to the environment.

These are just three of the many different aspects of organic, green living that the average person can adopt without doing anything terribly life-altering. There are many websites that allow you to explore urban gardening, alternative energy, creative uses for various products to keep them out of landfills and many other so-called green topics that enrich your life and the world around you at the same time.

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April 16, 2018

Flour has always been an integral element of Indian food fundamentals. It doesn’t matter whether the kitchen is from the North of India, from the South, from the East or the West; every homemaker depends in a major way on one core flour type for her daily preparations.

The interesting part is that most kitchens in modern India rely heavily on one particular kind of flour – like the Besan Flour or wheat flour or rice flour. What’s all the more disturbing is that due to the advent of western cuisine and fast-food influence, over independence and invisible dominance of some not-so-healthy varieties like the refined flour (also called Maida), have started showing some unpleasant effects.

Lifestyle diseases like obesity and blood pressure imbalance are on the rise. At the same time, deficiency of important nutrients is gaining widespread impact in every other household.

This is probably the best time to go back and go deep into the Indian history and its heartland. The core of Indian cuisine lies in a mix of different flavors and flours. Far-off villages and rural population of the country have for years been reaping locally-grown food and that includes a mix of flours that give them core strength and stamina to handle physically-intensive chores like farming, harvesting, forest livelihood, etc.

This is a wake-up call for urban eaters and it is high time we realize that just scraping by our daily food intake is not going to help us fuel our long-term health goals in any way. It’s easy and sometimes forgivable to miss important nutrients in the daily grind and fast blur of life. But sooner or later, small and big symptoms serve to remind us that our body needs everything in a good, balanced, multi-dimensional way.

To avoid one-dimensional food habits is the first step in striving towards that balance. Try to inculcate more types of flours in your daily diet. They not only supply essential fiber for the functioning of the digestive and renal system but also inject important vitamins and energy sources that the human body needs.

Having a good blend of organic ragi, besan, bajra Amarnath flour etc in the daily dough of wheat and rice flour would further add to the taste and variety that every Indian dinner table desperately looks for. In fact, many interesting recipes are made better with the use of varied proportions of ragi, wheat etc., together and many vegetables and snacks turn awesome in a quick batter of good rice or besan flour. They range from Gujarati Dhokla, Rajasthani Baati or Rotla, Maharashtrian Thalipeeth, to South Indian Idli or porridge or Mudde varieties. Of course, you can also make delicious cookies or cakes out of the amazing mix.

Once you start developing a habit of using and mixing these flours in your routine, you can also start experimenting with many dishes and tapping organic variants that add more health to this energetic mix.

Amaranth grain includes its ability to spur growth and development, protect the heart, boost the immune system, strengthen bones, increase circulation, optimize digestion, lower your appetite, and keep the hair looking young. Amaranth has been valued for thousands of years for its high concentration of proteins, vitamins & minerals. It is GLUTEN FREE, a viable alternative grain source.

Ragi and Millet flours give strength, and other flours give stamina. They also aid strongly in weight loss and regulation of metabolism. Issues like cholesterol levels or diabetes can be readily wiped out with a prudent mix of various grains and flours in a good recipe.

They lack glutens that other flours have. They pack fiber than other flours lack. They are low in unsaturated fats. Their natural and unrefined characteristics set them immediately apart from the usual flours that are often consumed in a hurry or out of habit. They are best used in their natural form and thus need not be polished, which is what gives them a distinct place in the food system.

These healthy organic flours like besan and Rice Flour are also, now as easily available and as affordable as their not-so-healthy counterparts. They are not bland, can be whipped into any recipe and plus, go flexibly well with each other in various formats.

Full of nutrition and ripe with minerals, iron, calcium etc., this is the same multi-grain wonder that those western-world Granola bars provide.

Why not pick something Indian and right within your arm’s reach for the same bundle of benefits?

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April 10, 2018

Rice grown organically is not soaked in pesticides and fungicides from seed to package. Unlike conventional rice growers, who routinely apply chemical fertilizers to the soil, organic rice farmers use a range of natural measures to maintain and enhance soil fertility which involves crop rotation with deep-rooted legume crops or green manure/cover crops.

Organic rice production comes from organic farming system that apply practical management to preserve ecosystem, achieve sustainable production and control weed, pest and disease through various way such as recycling the residues of plants and livestock or vermicasting, selection and crop rotation, management of irrigation, cultivation and planting as well as the use of biological materials.

In fact, organic farming rooted from the idea of creating a balanced environment due to the use of chemical as low as possible. A healthy lifestyle back to nature is now a new trend. That is why organic food particularly rice started to attract the society. Although it is relatively more expensive, but still it commensurate with its benefits. Moreover, organic foods are more nutritious than non-organic. People start to leave their usual lifestyle of high fat diet, high calories, and low fibers because they realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

However, greater resistance to change and innovation is expected because some people regarded any effort toward change should be based on tangible economic returns and other benefits.

This gradual shift to sustainable agricultural scheme like organic farming is expected to solve some of the problems of the small-scale farmers who are using external inputs (chemicals, pesticides, herbicides) based on the positive effects of organic farming systems, as well as on the multiple deleterious environmental effects brought about by unsustainable farming practices. The shift from conventional to organic farming systems has produced food without damaging the earth’s resources such as air, water and soil and is still safe for the people to consume.

Interest in organic rice is increasing nowadays in response to issues regarding conventional agricultural practices, food safety and human health concerns. Hence, consumption of organic rice is believed to be safer and healthier, and expected to have greater nutritional value compared to conventional rice.

In this premise, it is believed that interest in consuming organic rice increases nowadays in response to issues concerning conventional agricultural practices, food safety and human health concerns. Organic rice also tastes better, safer, healthier and more nutritious than non-organic rice because of its method of production. Chemicals that have detrimental effects are not utilized in organic farming to ensure a safer and healthier environment.

Hence, eating organic rice have many health benefits because it does not contain any pesticide residues that can affect one’s health. Although there are some advantages about ingesting genetically modified food; but still prevention is better than cure. So, why risk our lives when there are safer and healthier food available in the market?

This article presents the advantages of consuming organic rice. Moreover, this also serves as an awakening to the society about the ill-effects of commercially grown rice due to pesticide residues and its impact to our environment.

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